How much does an adult toy cost?

Question by Trixies Mama: How much does an adult toy cost?

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Answer by dct14300
Anything from about $ 10.00 on up!

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should i open a used sex toy emporium?

Question by Virtual Dong D: should i open a used sex toy emporium?
ya know, quality used toys at a discount price?

i mean who can really afford 79.95 for a brand new rabbit vibrator, or 29.95 for that double headed black dildo?

i figure with the economy going south, used sex toys would be a great business to get into

my slogan can be 30% off will get you off

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Answer by finnlecarb
Make sure you have a sale for any body 6inc or smaller

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Q&A: Sex toy question?

Question by Amanda: Sex toy question?
My BF has been buying me dildos for a while cause he likes to watch me use them. It’s a turn-on for me too so that part is fine but I noticed something that I wanted to ask about.

He buys me a new one almost every month now and it seems like they get a little bigger every time. The new ones aren’t always longer but they’re always wider. Usually when he first gives one to me I can barely get it in my vagina but he always encourages me and says I just need to practice with it. Sometimes I need to warm up with an old one before trying to the new one. I’m not complaining though cause I love the feeling when it finally goes in.

The other day I went and tried one that I got last year and it went right in with no lube. I never really thought about it before then but now I realized that I can’t even get my hand around the newest ones so I guess they’re pretty big. I haven’t measured but it’s definitely bigger than a soda can. Also I’ve started squirting for the first time in my life when I orgasm.

Anyway I guess I’m wondering why he keeps buying me bigger ones. I tried asking him and he just kinda shrugged it off and said that he thought I liked them which is true. What do you think? Also, could this cause any permanent damage? Should I ask him to stop buying them?

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Answer by VIVEK
Avoid those toys and be natural.

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kinky sex ideas?…………………?

Question by xriotxpiratex: kinky sex ideas?…………………?
i have been with my boyfriend for close to a year and we have sex at least once a day but it tends to be closer to twice a day…but we have good sex and we have fun, but id like to introduce something just random, new, exciting, and maybe a little kinky with him. any ideas at all?
we tried roleplay and what not but didnt really like it. hes asked me to talk dirty but im not good at it. its not that i feel uncomfortable, its just i have no idea what to actually say. he talks to me and i talk back but i have difficulty starting it. were young too so keep that in mind

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Answer by 50 cent
three some

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